Housing Near Fort Carson Colorado Springs

If you’re reading this post, I’m guessing you are a part of our Military and I want to first thank you for your service! There are several options for housing near Fort Carson military base in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Below you’ll find details about housing in the Springs and relocation information. If I can answer any questions for you or help you with your transition to Colorado Springs, I’d love to. Schedule a consultation with me here.

Fort Carson base is known as the “Mountain Base” with 137,000 acres at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. One of the perks to Fort Carson base is how close you are to down town Colorado Springs. You’re close to several trails, restaurants, and shopping in the Springs.

Average home price around this area as of the end of 2022 is $435,000 with an average build year of 1998. The homes are typically around 2,000+ square foot. You can click here to view current homes on the market near Fort Carson base.

Fountain Colorado is one of the closest cities to Fort Carson military base and is filled with several military families. The average home price of Fountain is less than Colorado Springs and has a population of about 31,000. It’s a suburb of Colorado Springs but with a more small town feel. A desirable shopping area close to Fort Carson is The Markets at Mesa Ridge. The area provides several options for military families.

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