5 Most Affordable Neighborhoods in Colorado Springs

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This information was pulled in December of 2022, so be aware that these stats can change. Overall, these neighborhoods have historically been the most affordable neighborhoods in Colorado Springs.

As a RealtorĀ® I cannot tell you what is safe or a good neighborhood to live in because everyones personal preference is completely different. You can click this site here to view income, crime rate, school information, and stats on real estate. This website can help you make the best decision based on your personal preference.

From a pure real estate perspective, here are the numbers and stats on these affordable neighborhoods in Colorado Springs.


The average sales price of this neighborhood is $347,000 with homes built from 1960-1980’s. The square foot to these homes ranges from 1,000-3,000. One of the biggest perks to living in Cimarron Hills are the nearby restaurants, shopping, and quick access to Powers (Highway 20).

Another major perk for home owners in this area is the lack of HOA. It currently is not governed by an HOA which makes it very desirable neighborhood for those who do not enjoy HOA’s. To view current homes on the market in this neighborhood, click here.


The average sales price of this neighborhood is $350,000 and was developed in the 1960’s. A very charming feature to this neighborhood is open space, parks, and mature trees in the neighborhood.

Homes are typically 1,00-2,000 square foot in this neighborhood and many are being renovated to have a more modern feel in such a charming neighborhood. The proximity to Downtown is very desirable for those who want a quick commute. To view homes in Park Hill click here.


The average sales price of this neighborhood is $350,000 and was developed in the 1950’s-1960’s. The typical square foot of these homes are 1,000-2,000. Widefield is located just South of downtown Colorado Springs.

A large appeal to this neighborhood are the nearby hiking trails and closeness to Fort Carson military base. No matter where you are in Colorado Springs you pretty much have amazing views of the mountains, but that sure is a perk for the Widefield community are the stunning mountain views. Click here to view homes on the market.


Fountain is an incredible city of about 30,000 people just South of Colorado Springs about 20 miles. The price of Fountain homes is less than Colorado Springs homes which makes this city very desirable because you are close to so much but have access to lower house pricing! The average home price in the city of Fountain is $370,000 and the town itself was established in 1859 but homes have been being built since.

You can find older homes or new builds within Fountain. Due to sharing an entire city with you, you can click here to view current homes on the market in Fountain because you’ll find a wide range of style of homes, square foot, etc. View active homes on the market by clicking here!


The average build year of this neighborhood is 2004 with an average home price of $423,000. This neighborhood is highly desired due to the amount of parks within the neighborhoods (the most in the city). Stetson Hills is located off of Powers in the North East region of Colorado Springs. Incredible mountain views while close to so much shopping, food, schools, and more!

Stetson Hills is a growing neighborhood with newer homes that you can find at a very affordable price. The typical square foot of these homes 2,000-3,000 with several two-story homes. To view homes in this neighborhood you can click here to see what’s currently on the market.

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