Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Colorado winter tips

Worried about winter in Colorado and how to handle it? Don’t sweat it, I got you covered in this blog post. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be well prepared for winters in Colorado.


Having the right equipment when you need it is crucial and here’s what you need to have in your garage or shed during the winter season.

  • Shovel for driveway & sidewalks
  • Salt for your walk ways
  • Mouse traps (it’s a good idea to set them in the garage that way mice don’t enter the house when it gets cold)


Trust me, you want your heat to be working and working with efficiency! It’s a good idea to have your HVAC serviced to make sure everything is running properly before the cold days hit us.


It’s a good idea to check all windows and doors to make sure everything is sealed properly. This will ensure heat stays in, prevents leaks, and keeps your utility bill down. Did you know that temperatures changing from warm to cold can make parts of the house shrink? That’s why cracks or drafts can start to happen is simply because of the temperature adjustment.

Most of the time you can add insulation, foam spray, add caulking, or replace seals around doors and windows to keep your home functioning in tip top shape!


My husband and I love having a cozy fire each day as the season gets colder but it’s important to make sure your fireplace is working properly. Before you start using it, have a yearly chimney sweep to ensure fire safety during the winter season.


Make sure you change all of your ceiling fans to “winter” mode by the switch at the top of your fan.


If you have a sprinkler system, it’s a good idea to blow out the system to ensure water isn’t sitting in there and freezes. This could lead to a major pipe bust which we wouldn’t want to happen. Lawn service companies will come out and blow out your sprinkler system if needed.

As far as water running through your home, it’s important to keep water moving throughout the house so your pipes don’t freeze. If you’re going to be out of town during below freezing days it might be a good idea to have someone turn your water on. Avoiding pipe bursts at all cost is the goal!


I cannot stress this enough but having the right clothes in Colorado makes all the difference. Yes, it gets pretty cold but if you dress appropriately you will not be miserable but can actually enjoy the snow and beautiful winter weather when dressed appropriately. Trust me, I had to learn from experience!

More winter tips for living in Colorado? Leave your comments down below. Thanks for reading!

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