How school districts work in Colorado Springs

One of the biggest perks to living in Colorado Springs in regards to the school districts is having the ability to choose what school you want your kids to attend. When you live within a specific school district in Colorado Springs your children will have first choice/opportunity to enroll in the schools within the district that you live.

Let’s say you like another school in a different district than you live in, your children also have the opportunity to enroll in these schools. This is called a “choice in option.” The process is going to be different in that you have to apply in order to get into that school, but as long as there is space your students will be able to enroll. This process is very doable and makes the Springs a desirable area to live for this very reason!

Many people don’t want to be limited to the school districts they live in for many different reasons. This allows you to buy a house in the location you love/want while also having the freedom to send your children to the schools you want.

Colorado Springs has incredible schools as a whole and is known for some of the best schools in the state. Click the link here to explore the different districts and what each school has to offer.

Colorado Springs School Districts

I’d love to hear from you, what do you value in a school? What are you hoping to find when it comes to choosing a school for your kids? Everyone desires different thing such as sports, high level education, creative classes, etc. I’d love to know what you look for in a perfect school, comment below!

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