The Home Building Process: From Start to Finish

When you see posts on Instagram or videos about someone building a home, it looks amazing. Seeing the finished product is like walking into a fresh vacation home, but it can be your own! So how does the home building process actually work?

There is no doubt that building your own space is inspiring and exciting. On social media, we often get to see the finished product but let’s break down how the home building process works so you can decide if it’s for you.

Phase One: Getting Started

In the home building process, it’s important to find a Realtor® to work with. Many people don’t realize you can still use an agent when building your home. It’s SO helpful because they’re the buffer between you and the builder. Your agent’s number one job is to make sure your dream home happens and all details are communicated. They’ll keep you informed throughout the process, advocating for any issues or changes, and make sure you know what to do every step of the way.

How does your agent get paid? In most cases, the builder will pay the agent’s commission at the time of closing. Your Realtor® doesn’t get paid until the process has been completed and was successful. So, without extra money out of your pocket, I promise you…you’ll want your agent guiding you every step of the way. You’ll enjoy the building process rather than being stressed trying to manage all the details yourself.

Phase Two: Choosing Your Builder

Choose where you want to live. Might sound basic but really, pick the area, the lot, and the builder you are going to work with. Once you’ve made these decisions, it’s time to sign a contract with a builder so they can get to work on your dream home!

In phase two, you’ll also get pre-approved for a mortgage unless you are building in cash. Many builders have preferred lenders they work with because that specific lender understands new builds and how to go about the financials. They often provide incentives for using their preferred lender. In general, you’ll provide proof of income, debt to income ratio, and other documentation to prove you can afford what it is you are trying to build. Once you’ve been approved and have gone under contract with your builder, the building begins.

Phase Three: The Building & Design Process

You will then have a meeting in the design studio to literally design your entire house. Your Realtor® will be there to help you and the designer. This step is important because you get to add your personality and touches to make your space come to life.

One thing to be aware of is all the design features cost money. Sometimes people forget this and are shocked at the total amount of the home at the end. Just be aware of prices, know your budget, and ask questions as you start building and curating your home.

Once designs are completed, you’ll meet with the builder and they’ll pull the building permit to start your new home. Each week your agent should be giving you updates about the building process. I personally send photos to my clients and let them know what’s happening whether the builders are waiting on something or what they’ve specifically made progress on.

Phase Four: Walk Throughs and Approval

Before the drywall goes up in your house, you’ll get to do a walk through with your builder to see the studs and foundation of the house. If you see anything that ever looks “off” throughout the process, it’s important to speak up and let your builder know so corrections can be made along the way.

Once foundation work is approved, they get to work on insulation and drywall which is when your house starts to look more like a home! You’ll have a couple more walk throughs as well as your agent keeping you up to date on everything that’s happening throughout the build.

6-9 weeks before the build is completed, the closing date will be scheduled! A.K.A. – the day the keys are handed to YOU! At this point your lender will lock in your rate and final documents will be prepared for the actual closing. You’ll get one final walk through before closing so you can speak up if anything looks wrong or needs touched up.

Additional Details: Don’t miss these key factors!

Now that you’ve made it to closing day, you sign the papers that state the house is legally yours and you get to move in! Building a home is exciting but also requires patience. The timing of a new build depends on the builder and honestly the economy. During Covid-19, so many materials were backed up which delayed building time frames. Typically, homes can be built between 6-9 months! Weather, inventory, and other factors can dictate the timing of a build, so hold the date loosely when building a house.

Your Realtor® and builder are there to guide you each step of the way to make sure your vision is brought to life! If you’re moving to Colorado Springs and are interested in different builders, give me a call and I’ll help you navigate the best builders. Call me at 719-985-1593! 📲

Moving to another state and need a referral? I got you covered and can connect you to an agent that’ll take excellent care of you with top notch service!

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