The number one hack to getting in your dream home

Buying your dream home

Want to know a small hack to getting your dream home? Grab a warm drink, get cozy, and enjoy this article.

I grew up in Kansas, lived in the state of Arkansas for a short season, and now I call home the state of Colorado. Living in these three different places, I got to experience the housing market and see just how different each place is from style, price, to the type of builders.

You see, everything we all experience in life has to do with our perspective and experiences. Which will even comes out when you’re buying a home. If you constantly focus on the past and what once was, you’ll always be missing out. You have to evolve and change just as the world does. Let me explain…

When I was 8 years old I took my little 6 year old sister down the street with me to go rake leaves at our neighbors house. We worked out there in the freezing cold to get every single leaf picked up in this little old man’s yard.

I’ll never forget the excitement four hours later finally being done with his entire yard. I had never worked so hard in my life. I was holding my sister’s hand as we walked to the front door to let Mr. Aaron know that we were done. He bends over with a huge smile on his face and says “Girls, I’m going to pay you really well for your hard work.” Then, it happened.

He hands us EACH 50 freaking cents. Lol, now it was a great experience for me to be grateful for what I got, but I remember thinking “I get paid more taking the trash out at my own house.” This sweet old man was most likely stuck in the past of what he would have made as a young child which 50 cents would have been a lot.

I truly believe that HE thinks he was paying us a lot, but it wasn’t considered a lot given the time and age we live in. By the way, this would have been 2002. So not too far back in the day lol.

So how does this relate to real estate and buying your dream home? Let me just tell you. If you are so sad about how you bought your first home for $150,000 and now you are irritated you can’t find something under $500K, chances are you won’t get into a new home. You have to change your way of thinking and let go of the past.

Instead of thinking “what can I afford? Or I wish it was the way it used to be!” How about you first ask yourself, if money wasn’t a factor or location…what would I buy? What type of home is ideal for me or my family and I? 

Once you get that clear answer, then start asking…what has to be true for me to make this happen? Now you’re starting to think at a new level! Now you’re thinking bigger and dreaming of what’s possible. Sure you might have some steps to take because you can’t buy the house today, but what steps can you take?

Everything has to do with perspective. If you’re coming from California, you might think houses in Colorado are cheap. If you grew up in Kansas like I did, you could be tempted to think “this is sooo expensive.” It’s all relative.

Look, I want you to be in the house you want to be in and to live the life you want to live. What’s ideal? What’s best for your family? Now go make a plan and get after it.

The hack to getting your dream home is to change your mindset, think bigger, dream it up, create a plan, and make it happen.

I’m here to help far beyond just selling or buying a house alongside you. I want to help you become a better and stronger person and that has to start with your mindset, first.

If you are looking to buy or sell, I’d be honored to help you or any of your loved ones! Give me a call or text whenever you have a question and I’ll be there for you.

Stay positive and keep making a positive impact in this world! Don’t ever stop growing yourself because you matter and make a positive difference the more you grow yourself.

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