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1:1 coaching

3 ways to work together

My 1:1 coaching enneagram life coaching is the most intensive way to work with me. We work together for three months in-depth where we focus on your type, what to do with this knowledge, and how to level up your life. This coaching is for HIGHLY motivated women who are fairly healthy, but believe there is always more within them. Are you ambitious and obsessed with growth? Girl, fill out an application then! Oh, and you better bet I will push you toward Jesus.

INVESTMENT: $525 monthly


• 3 Months of Coaching with Callie
• 60 Minute Zoom calls every other week!
• Discover your Enneagram Type
• Learn in-depth Enneagram knowledge that you can apply to your daily life!
• Weekly email + Honeybook communication with Callie!
• Frameworks + structures to level-up your life based on your type
• Exclusive homework assignments to help you achieve the goals you've been trying to attain. 
• We'll dive deep into God's Word!


* Fill out an application to move to the next steps. Payment plans available. 


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enneagram course

Are you struggling to discover your type or not sure what to do with the information now that you know your type? You are so not alone! Audrey Bailey and I created an online course called Enneagram & Art. This course will help you walk through the basics of the Enneagram as well as deeper knowledge. This course is self-paced + you have life time access! 

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• 3 Months of Coaching with Callie
• Bi-Weekly 60 Minute Zoom Calls
• Discover your Enneagram Type
• Learn in-depth Enneagram knowledge
• Voxer access Monday-Thursday
• Frameworks + structures to level-up your life based on your type
• How great is this?



• 6 Months of Coaching with Callie
• Bi-Weekly 60 Minute Zoom Calls
• In-depth study of Enneagram 
• Deepen your relationships
• Understand God more fully
• Voxer access Monday-Thursday
• Leadership strategies based on your type to apply to your work + teams


growth coaching

Think never ending content about the Enneagram, custom plans to help you get into God's word, and access to ask me anything about the Enneagram!

This Growth Coaching program was designed for you to have a place to learn everything you need to know in order to thrive. You don't have to survive in your day to day living, but you can actually love your life. When you complete these 8-weeks, your life is going to be transformed!  


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what's in it

• Weekly trainings on God's word + homework to get you rooted in truth

• This program connects you with other ambitious enneagram + Jesus lovers so you can experience freedom together!

• Identify your type, learn in-depth about the Enneagram, and create systems to help you THRIVE in this 8-week program.

• Full investment is $200 for 8-weeks of solid growth. Payment plans available. 

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I  adore  my  Clients

"Callie to the RESCUE! She not only educated me on the Enneagram types, but most importantly she helped me understand the similarities and differences between the numbers."

I would recommend Callie’s coaching to anyone who is ready to live authentically and cares deeply about God’s call on their life. And buckle up, because Callie will push you in the very best way. It’s so clear that Callie wants you to be your best and to see you thrive! Your success is her success, whatever “success” looks like for you. I’m so thankful for the way God has used Callie to bless my life and I have no doubt that she will continue to bless the lives of countless others, too! 

michele rosenboom

"Callie is SUCH an amazing life Coach! Her love for God is truly what led me to hiring her."

"She uses the enneagram to help you find your true self so you can figure out why you do the things you do and how each type reacts in all aspects of life. Since discovering I was a type 4 with Callie, I've discovered so much truth about myself. It's so refreshing understanding my feelings and thought processes. Callie has helped me grow spiritually and mentally since I've started her coaching. She motivates you to dig deeper into God's word and how your enneagram ties into Christianity. Truly the best thing I've done is hiring Callie as my life coach!!!"

hannah alley

"Working with Callie has been so transformative for my business & life!"

"Knowing your Enneagram Type is useless unless you understand what it means. Callie is the exact person to help you work through your type and break down how to use it to become as healthy as you can be! Working with Callie has been so transformative for my business and my life! Having someone who can verbalize your thoughts and help you work through the different areas of your life is extremely helpful. I'd highly recommend anyone work with Callie--you won’t regret it!"

Katie Graham

"I've grown more in the past couple months under Callie's coaching"

"Hiring Callie as my coach was such a great decision. I've grown more in the past couple months under Callie's coaching than I have in the past year. It has been so worth it!"

Jarred rushing

"I discovered Callie's content in searching "Enneagram" while looking for a new podcast to listen to as I was frantically trying to discover my type"

"Ever since I discovered my type with Callie, I look back and cannot understand why I was ever conflicted in the first place. Callie helped me to grow in my self-awareness and I am so grateful for her coaching. I would absolutely recommend working with Callie to anyone who wants to learn more about the Enneagram and truly discover themselves with someone who genuinely cares and is incredibly relatable." 

Gina tonno

"I stumbled across Callie when I was seeking connection with followers of Christ. She had started a podcast and was sharing a lot about living life with intention as we walk the path God has ready for us."

" I continued to follow her on IG, and she started sharing about a 1:1 coaching opportunity. I wasn’t sure if it was something I was ready to invest in, but man did I feel called to say yes. Realizing I had been stuck with the dreams I had for myself for several months, I decided to trust my heart. I’ve been working with Callie for 4 months now, and she has helped me find my momentum again. I’m working towards personal and professional goals that excite me so much, and Callie helps me turn thought into action. "

chelsey oliver