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Podcasting  Made  Simple

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this is for the low budget and limited time entrepreneur!

Welcome to Podcasting made simple where i help you begin your podcast from start to finish!

Module 1: Bring your Podcast to life
- Setting up your show on Libsyn 
- How to upload each episode + utilize SEO
- Equipment & how to use it

• Module 2: Press Record and Publish!
- Learning to edit your Podcast
- Interviewing platforms with the highest quality 
- How to plan & create a successful interview with amazing guests!

• Module 3: Finding Your Voice
- Finding your specific audience and authority 
- How to structure your entire episode 
- How to create irresistible titles & content  

Module 4: Podcast Growth + Sustainability 
- How to sustain a successful show
- How to plan and launch a successful Podcast
- Social Media strategy 
- End in nothing but success!

- Workbooks for each module
- Special links and codes to help you get started
- Video trainings of me teaching you as well as sharing my screen to walk you through every step!
- A private Facebook group for all students


What's in it:

say no more, i'm in!

You wish you had someone to walk you step by step through the ENTIRE process

You feel overwhelmed by learning the structure and layout of Podcasting

You want to start, but you fear the technology process and peoples opinions can hold you back

You're ready to use your voice to make a difference in the Podcasting space & know this will benefit your business

Is this right for me?

When I first wanted to start my Podcast, I didn't have the money to hire help and the process seemed overwhelming. Well, it was lol. 

That's exactly why I decided to create this course is because I taught myself how to start a Podcast from nothing. This process took me over 100 hours and it shouldn't take you this long. I wanted to create an affordable way for people like you to be able to start their Podcast in just 5 hours! I LOVE Podcasting and I'm so glad I got over the hurdle, now it's my turn to help you!

podcaster | speaker | Life coach | friend

hey, I'm callie!

— Audrey Bailey

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What my podcast students are saying:

You should only have to worry about pressing record and producing nothing but the BEST content for your listeners. As a fellow Podcaster myself, I get it. It's not fun trying to set up the tech, plan interviews, teach yourself how to edit, etc. So in Podcasting Made Simple, I teach you step by step of how to plan the right show that works for you. We discuss processes and systems to set you up for success so that you can sustain your show and we also dive into HOW to get accepted on Itunes, Spotify, and all of the amazing Podcasting platforms. Setting up a Podcast takes a little work, but in Podcasting Made Simple, I show you in just 5 hours of how to get a successful show up and running! Let's do this.

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I take out the complication in Podcasting for you!

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