Living Enneagram

This show was created to help people just like you to live more intentionally. If you're anything like me, you love binge listening to incredible podcasts that give you PRACTICAL tools to do something with your life. I not only have a massive desire to educate you, but I also desire to help you RUN toward Jesus. He is the true hope that we have. If I can give you understanding through the Enneagram and God's word, I fully believe you will live a life of freedom and abundance. This Podcast is like receiving a personal coaching session each week to help you show up for your life. Tune into Living Enneagram Podcast every Tuesday for brand new episodes. Subscribe on your favorite podcasting platform.

Living Enneagram

a podcast for the one who wants to know themselves more so they can experience more freedom

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Podcasting is probably the BEST thing I get to do in my business. Why?! Because I get to have a conversation with you each week as if we were having a cup of coffee together. I adore using my voice to educate and motivate people just like you!
At the core of who I am, I'm a highly ambitious go-getter. I'm a type 3w2 and love doing whatever I can to level-up my own life. Come join me on the show!

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— Kelsey O.

Callie is so authentic and wasy to listen to! Episode 62 was SO eye opening to me in learning more about my own enneagram type.



"Her energy is contagious! 5 stars all day long!"



— Courtney S.

each podcast is more and more inspiring. callie helps you step up and stand out with what the lord has laid on your heart. sit back, realax, and get a notebook!



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