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It’s time you fully step into the woman God created you to be by consistently growing yourself with a Coach and a community that’s obsessed with seeing you WIN!

Listen, Sis...



you know there is a lot of potential within you, don't you?


is for you if...

You want to deepen your relationship with God.

You know there is massive potential within you & you want to develop yourself!

You desire to become more self-aware & have the ability to name those crazy emotions you tend to experience.

You desire to understand your friends, family, and coworkers so much more!

You love the Enneagram & want to dive into the ultimate tool in self-awareness.

You want to learn how to transform your thoughts so they please God and set you up for success every day!


Here's Your Growth Game Plan!

STEP 01: get rooted in truth + daily reflection

You'll have weekly prompts to help you dive deep into God's word so you can start growing as well as journal prompts to help you go deep within yourself!

STEP 02: Reject the role of being your own worst critic

We're going to transform your thought life together through daily short audio clips. Think of it like a 911 line to your bestie when you're facing discouragement, FOMO, or a fear! I'll be there to help you get your thoughts on track with my self-talk library! 

step 03: the enneagram is more than being a number

Finding your type is hardly the beginning of this incredible journey. I'll show up and teach you the depths of this wisdom so you understand HOW to apply the enneagram to your daily life to experience more freedom!

It's safe to say this is every Insider's favorite part about the membership. Each week we come together on Monday where I provide life changing teachings that help you go deeper with God & yourself. Show up ready to learn and to take action because that's what we're all about!

step 04: weekly trainings to level up your life

you only live once.
are you ready to take yourself seriously and start making lasting changes?


a month



• 4 monthly live teachings + Q&A
• New self-talk added each month!
• Weekly journal + scripture prompts
• Community forums!
• Enneagram resource library galore!

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one yearly payment

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save $100 

• 4 monthly live teachings + Q&A
• New self-talk added each month!
• Weekly journal + scripture prompts
• Community forums!
• Enneagram resource library galore!

*cancel your membership at any time with no additional charge

this program is not for you if...

You hope I'll fix all of your problems for you. You have to show up and do the work, friend!
You have a fixed mindset & don't believe in the growth you could actually experience.
You hate the Enneagram.
You can't commit 2 hours a week to growing yourself!

I'm ready to join!


Access the membership wherever you are in your amazing world!

Access the lives, community, journal prompts, or pop your ear buds in to listen to self-talk on the go!

The Insiders will join you wherever you are!

When I buy?

self-talk library!

Think of it like having full-time access to your best friend hyping you up when you're feeling down!

The self-talk library helps you transform your mind by speaking truth over yourself, you just get to listen to it and I'll guide you!

When we change our thoughts, we change our life.

journal + scripture prompts!

Do you struggle to know what to read in God's word? Or how to apply it to your life?

Every Monday I give you scripture and journal prompts to work through for the week. 

In order to change our lives, we have to know ourselves deeply and it takes place in these quiet places. I lead you through journal questions to help you go deeper with yourself!









Weekly live trainings!

Every Monday I go live for one hour in the group to teach on a monthly topic.

During our time together we'll go deep into God's word, the Enneagram, and personalized strategies to help you grow!

Monday #1 live teaching
Monday #2 live teaching
Monday #3 Rapid fire Q&A
Monday #4 Hot seat call with me! (I choose 3 insiders to coach for 15 minutes each on video)

There is an entire forum for you to connect with all of the Enneagram Insiders.

It's the best feeling in the world to surround yourself with other ambitious women who want to know God more and understand themselves more deeply.

We hold each other accountable, connect with other like-minded types, and ask questions that get answered so we can keep growing!

community access!

Did you know the Enneagram is so much more than a number?

It is! In order to take full advantage of this wisdom, we dive deep into the Enneagram.

I have an entire library of video trainings and PDF's you'll have full access to.

A sneak peak of the resources that you get for free are things like, "How to Confidently Find Your Type, Are You Using Your Wings Correctly?" and so much more!

enneagram library!

Opt out whenever you need to with no cancellation fee.

Enneagram insiders is a monthly subscription for only $39.99!

Is  this  speaking  to  you?

You won't want to leave because you'll be blown away at the transformation that'll take place in your heart!

But  Sis,

join enneagram insiders!

Insider Members

"Callie to the RESCUE! She not only educated me on the Enneagram types, but most importantly she helped me understand the similarities and differences between the numbers."

I would recommend Callie to anyone who is ready to live authentically and cares deeply about God’s call on their life. And buckle up, because Callie will push you in the very best way. It’s so clear that Callie wants you to be your best and to see you thrive! Your success is her success, whatever “success” looks like for you. I’m so thankful for the way God has used Callie to bless my life and I have no doubt that she will continue to bless the lives of countless others, too! 

michele rosenboom

"Callie is an unparalleled resource in the Enneagram. 

Before Callie, I was caught up in trying to appear successful as an Enneagram 3. Through Callie, I was able to learn more about my higher calling and recognize that being myself mattered much more than appearing successful. And thank goodness for that! My daily life has become more heart-centered and less ego-charged. I recommend her wisdom to all, believers and non-believers alike. You won't regret it!"

elizabeth li

"Working with Callie has been so transformative for my business & life!"

"Knowing your Enneagram Type is useless unless you understand what it means. Callie is the exact person to help you work through your type and break down how to use it to become as healthy as you can be! Having someone who can verbalize your thoughts and help you work through the different areas of your life is extremely helpful. I'd highly recommend anyone work with Callie--you won’t regret it!"

Katie Graham

"The Enneagram Insiders Membership is the best part about my Mondays. 

If you are the person who wants to start making the change for your life then Callie Ammons is your girl; although take note that she isn't going to give you the answers, but she will give you all the tools for you to piece together. She is honest, compassionate, generous, and a Christ filled woman. She is easily one of my top role models in my life. You will not be disappointed."

sarah heffron

"I discovered Callie's content in searching "Enneagram" while looking for a new podcast to listen to as I was frantically trying to discover my type"

"Ever since I discovered my type with Callie, I look back and cannot understand why I was ever conflicted in the first place. Callie has helped me to grow in my self-awareness and I am so grateful for her! I would absolutely recommend working with Callie to anyone who wants to learn more about the Enneagram and truly discover themselves with someone who genuinely cares and is incredibly relatable." 

Gina tonno

"As an introvert, I knew I wanted a community where I could feel safe to connect,

ask questions about my personal life, and build relationships with people who cared about faith and the enneagram! I desired guidance in what to read in the Bible and to get consistency in my life. 

I’ve already experienced SO many benefits by becoming and Insider! IT’S WORTH IT!”


what happens if i need to leave the group?

No problem. Opt out whenever you need to for no additional charge!

Do i get 1:1 access to you?

The monthly rapid fire Q&A is where you get to ask me your questions and I answer!

I choose 3 members a month who participate and they get a 15 minute 1:1 hot seat with me!

how many hours a week does this take?

Give me two focused hours a week and you'll see massive transformation!

If you want to put more time in, even better!

Common Q&A's

more questions about the membership?

Email me and ask away! :)


where do i login for my member account?

Click the "menu" in the top right corner of my site and you'll see "member login"

what if i can't make it for the live teachings?

Not a problem! You just miss out being there live to ask questions.

I leave the replays up so you can watch it whenever you have the time that week!

Download the monthly calendar & write down the teaching times so you don't miss a thing!

Start binging and learning as soon as TODAY! You have full access when you join.

Read the email and login to your new account to watch the welcome video!

Click "Join Enneagram Insiders" and you'll get an email from me right away!

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my story...

I currently live in Colorado Springs, CO with my amazing husband, Kramer!

We have a baby boy on the way that should arrive at the beginning of 2021! We are SO excited for this new season!! For a big chunk of my life, I lived in a state of mind where I was overwhelmed by trying to be everything for everyone.

I felt like I was coasting through life just doing the next thing, but struggled to live with intention and I certainly did not feel like I had any control over my life. Can you relate?

God shook me by showing me that He already died on the cross so that I could live abundantly. I learned that God wants to partner with me and you so we can take ownership of our life. I use the Enneagram and God's word to help you understand yourself more fully so you can live effectively by using the tools God has given you to take control of your life. 

a type 3 enneagram life coach, podcaster, speaker, & jesus follower. 

I'm callie.

Hey there!


no  worries!

I truly don't want you in a program that you aren't ready for. If you want to chat to see if Enneagram Insiders is right for you, send me an email at contact@callieammons.com and I'll answer your questions for you!

you don't have to make this decision alone!