your enneagram type!

How To Discover

Tired of taking 20 different enneagram tests just to feel even more discouraged and confused than when you first started?

 Look, I felt the SAME when I first started my enneagram journey which is exactly why I'm not going to leave you hanging.

Wanna know a secret?! I actually tell my clients to avoid the tests as a whole because they're often more harmful than helpful.

 Friend, I finally created a mini training called How To Confidently Discover Your Enneagram Type. I walk right beside you throughout the whole thing so you figure out your enneagram type with confidence! 

Let's do this

you're just one click away from confidently discovering your enneagram type!

say no more, i'm in!

discover my type!


• Mini training to confidently know your type
• Life-time access so you can come back again & again
• 3 video trainings where I walk you through step by step of finding your enneagram type!

*Disclaimer: finding your type is never a guarantee within a time limit, it can be a process + journey that you must be willing to go on.

Find Your Type

with confidence

you're not alone to navigate a test. I train you every step of the way!

3 video trainings that lead you to your enneagram type!

Confidence in knowing your Enneagram type 

what to expect:

discover my type!

an online training to discover your enneagram type!

You're not alone. In fact, the enneagram is such a big deal that I would never feel good just leaving you alone to discover your type. I'm with you every step of the way in this online training to help you fully understand this tool and how it leads you to your enneagram type!


What  You  Gain

In this mini training called, How To Confidently Discover Your Enneagram Type, I give you three video trainings. You'll see me face to face teaching as well as explaining why your type matters and how to find it. These videos are short and sweet, but rich in content! 


So many of us just want someone to confirm our enneagram type! 

 I'm here as a certified Enneagram coach to help you get confident confirmation about your enneagram type! So, are you in?


I'm all in!

one click away from confirming your type!

Want a  sneak peek?

Find my type!

know yourself fully so you can thrive daily

discover your enneagram type in just one day!

You deserve to 

find my type!

— Michele R.

"Callie to the RESCUE! she helped me to confidently discover my enneagram type as a four!"

"Since discovering my type, It's been so refreshing to understand my feelings and thought processes"

— Katie G.

"Callie is the exact person to help you work through your type and break it down!"

the enneagram

should not be...



Treated as the one and only tool out there

Used to make you feel defeated 

Used to put others down

Discouraging, but hopeful!

let's do this!

The Enneagram is here to help you learn more about yourself so you can live more effectively. I take the confusion out of the process so you can confidently discover your type!

You are ready to confidently know your type. 

You're ready to OWN your own strengths + gifts!

You are ready to start becoming more self-aware.

You're ready to know how the Enneagram can help you grow.

Who You Are...

I'm ready to start

get ready to shine!

I'm so happy you're ready to start your enneagram journey! I fell in love with the Enneagram when I learned that this tool focuses on your internal world. Meaning, WHY you do what you do.

I have always been ambitious and obsessed with achieving more. The enneagram finally helped me to understand where this motivation was coming from which helped me to navigate relationships, work, and all aspects of my life so much better!

I can't wait to help you define your type so you can start living more fully into the one you were created to be!

a type 3 certified enneagram life coach!

I'm callie.



"Callie to the RESCUE! She not only educated me on the Enneagram types, but most importantly she helped me understand the similarities and differences between the numbers."

I would recommend Callie to anyone who is ready to live authentically and cares deeply about God’s call on their life. And buckle up, because Callie will push you in the very best way. It’s so clear that Callie wants you to be your best and to see you thrive! Your success is her success, whatever “success” looks like for you. I’m so thankful for the way God has used Callie to bless my life and I have no doubt that she will continue to bless the lives of countless others, too! 

michele rosenboom

"Callie is an unparalleled resource in the Enneagram. 

Before Callie, I was caught up in trying to appear successful as an Enneagram 3. Through Callie, I was able to learn more about my higher calling and recognize that being myself mattered much more than appearing successful. And thank goodness for that! My daily life has become more heart-centered and less ego-charged. I recommend her wisdom to all, believers and non-believers alike. You won't regret it!"

elizabeth li

"Working with Callie has been so transformative for my business & life!"

"Knowing your Enneagram Type is useless unless you understand what it means. Callie is the exact person to help you work through your type and break down how to use it to become as healthy as you can be! Having someone who can verbalize your thoughts and help you work through the different areas of your life is extremely helpful. I'd highly recommend anyone work with Callie--you won’t regret it!"

Katie Graham

"The Enneagram Insiders Membership is the best part about my Mondays. 

If you are the person who wants to start making the change for your life then Callie Ammons is your girl; although take note that she isn't going to give you the answers, but she will give you all the tools for you to piece together. She is honest, compassionate, generous, and a Christ filled woman. She is easily one of my top role models in my life. You will not be disappointed."

sarah heffron

"I discovered Callie's content in searching "Enneagram" while looking for a new podcast to listen to as I was frantically trying to discover my type"

"Ever since I discovered my type with Callie, I look back and cannot understand why I was ever conflicted in the first place. Callie has helped me to grow in my self-awareness and I am so grateful for her! I would absolutely recommend working with Callie to anyone who wants to learn more about the Enneagram and truly discover themselves with someone who genuinely cares and is incredibly relatable." 

Gina tonno

"As an introvert, I knew I wanted a community where I could feel safe to connect,

ask questions about my personal life, and build relationships with people who cared about faith and the enneagram! I desired guidance in what to read in the Bible and to get consistency in my life. 

I’ve already experienced SO many benefits by becoming and Insider! IT’S WORTH IT!”