it's time to stop living overwhelmed + exhausted.

let me tell ya how i did it.

my story...

I currently live in Northwest, Arkansas with my freakin awesome husband, Kramer Ammons (who is a famous YouTuber, I's pretty awesome!). We have been married for 5 years and have moved a total of 5 times since then lol. No we are not in the Military, we just love living with an open handing and going wherever God tells us to (and wherever cute coffee shops are with amazing chai tea lattes with oat milk lol anyone else?!).  
I personally have experienced feelings of being stuck. Stuck in a job I don't like, stuck financially, spiritually, mentally, and even relationally. Have you ever had that? About 4 years ago I went on a journey of trying to understand who I am and who God made me to be. In this process, I learned several concepts like the true power of God's word, the power of our mind, and this amazing tool called, the Enneagram. 
I became a certified Enneagram life coach in the fall of 2019 because my mission is to help people like you better your life so you can actually live in freedom and abundance. It awaits you, you just have to wake up to the opportunity that's calling your name.

a type 3 enneagram life coach, podcaster, speaker, & jesus follower. 

I'm callie.

Hey there!

it doesn't have to be this way. I was stressing myself out, struggling, and creating problems that continued to increase problems. I learned about the Enneagram and how it helps us understand ourselves, others, and God more deeply. This tool is not the gospel to me. I fully believe that Jesus himself leads to all transformation, but God used the Enneagram in my life as a tool to draw me closer to Him and to fully understand how to love others better. I knew I couldn't keep this in.

and then I realized...

As an ambitious type 3, I've always been "on the go." Can you relate? The hustle & grind, trying to win people's approval by being and doing everything for anyone at anytime. Not really the lifestyle God intended for me, sooo as you can imagine, it became a hot mess.
I knew things needed to change when I was feeling overwhelmed, out of control, and a total emotional tornado at all times. If God said we could live abundant life, I started to wonder why I wasn't living abundantly? I knew God had saved me once and for all, but there was still a disconnect in the life I was living.

My Story

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1. fav book:

what to say when you talk to yourself

2. workout of choice

weight lifting & a light run

3. drink order

oat milk chai tea latte!

4. can't live without

Kramer, my man!

5. fav podcast to binge

the brian buffini show

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Get  to  Know me...

6. fav book

food freedoom forever

7. fav scripture

ephesians 3:14-21

8. yoga pose

savasana (duh!)

9. daily breakfast

green smoothie

10. brands i love

lululemon + nike

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want to go sky-diving. That sounds like the scariest thing ever.

I would never


helping women find freedom in their life. This is the ultimate success for me is helping others be successful with how they show up each day.

I'm obsessed with


I was an athlete my entire life & played college volleyball. Now I love playing disc golf with my husband, Kramer!

I'm athletic


I'm the biggest dreamer you'll meet, but don't be deceived in thinking that I won't take action, I will :)

i dream big


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Fav weekend activity?

day hiking


reading a good book

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