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My online courses are self-paced and you have access as soon as you purchase! Each course is designed with intention to help you become the woman God has called you to be. The more we understand ourselves and learn to control ourselves, the better we are in all areas of life!

I can't wait to help coach you through the Enneagram & personal-development. Let's get started!

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if you believe YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO GROW YOURSELF, you're in the right place!

Enneagram Type


This Mini course is designed to help you confidently find your Enneagram type!

In the training, I personally guide you through the depths of Enneagram wisdom. Finding your type isn't about taking a quick test, but it's all about learning your internal motivation. I'll help you!

Discover your type with me and start living in deeper awareness every day.


Enneagram Basics

Enneagram Basics

Using the Enneagram in your every day life in alignment with the gospel.

In this course we'll dive deep into each enneagram type, childhood patterns, wings, subtypes, and stances!

The Enneagram is so much for than a number. If you're ready to take this to a new level where you apply it in your daily life, this course is for you!


Finding Your Purpose & Passion

purpose + passion

Are you confused about your purpose in life? Not sure how to have passion? Why did God put you here and what in the world are you supposed to do?

I created this course to help you find confident answers + direction when it comes to purpose + passion in your life.

In this 4 module course, we'll look at truth, mindset, the enneagram, and your own unique gifts. My promise to you is that you'll complete this course with peace and confidene.


One on One Coaching

1:1 coaching

Listen, I only take on women in one to one coaching that I believe are ready to truly GROW themselves.

You live once and I'm not here to just be your cheerleader, I coach women in their life who want to see higher level results, experience more freedom in their thinking, and want to operate at a high level energy state.

My coaching style ties in the enneagram, truth of God's word, and practical strategies. I'm the coach that will listen as well as kick you in the butt when you need it. Sound like your style? Fill out an application ;)

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coaching sneak peek

• We meet every other week for an hour zoom video call (3 Month Contract)

• Full access to my Enneagram resource library + online courses

• Email access Monday-Friday to discuss assignments and thoughts throughout the week

• $3,500 or 3 Monthly payments of $1,175

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"when you make the decision to grow yourself daily, you start changing the world one day at a time."

- Callie Ammons


"Callie to the RESCUE! She not only educated me on the Enneagram types, but most importantly she helped me understand the similarities and differences between the numbers."

I would recommend Callie to anyone who is ready to live authentically and cares deeply about God’s call on their life. And buckle up, because Callie will push you in the very best way. It’s so clear that Callie wants you to be your best and to see you thrive! Your success is her success, whatever “success” looks like for you. I’m so thankful for the way God has used Callie to bless my life and I have no doubt that she will continue to bless the lives of countless others, too! 

michele rosenboom

"Callie is an unparalleled resource in the Enneagram. 

Before Callie, I was caught up in trying to appear successful as an Enneagram 3. Through Callie, I was able to learn more about my higher calling and recognize that being myself mattered much more than appearing successful. And thank goodness for that! My daily life has become more heart-centered and less ego-charged. I recommend her wisdom to all, believers and non-believers alike. You won't regret it!"

elizabeth li

"Working with Callie has been so transformative for my business & life!"

"Knowing your Enneagram Type is useless unless you understand what it means. Callie is the exact person to help you work through your type and break down how to use it to become as healthy as you can be! Having someone who can verbalize your thoughts and help you work through the different areas of your life is extremely helpful. I'd highly recommend anyone work with Callie--you won’t regret it!"

Katie Graham

"The Enneagram Insiders Membership is the best part about my Mondays. 

If you are the person who wants to start making the change for your life then Callie Ammons is your girl; although take note that she isn't going to give you the answers, but she will give you all the tools for you to piece together. She is honest, compassionate, generous, and a Christ filled woman. She is easily one of my top role models in my life. You will not be disappointed."

sarah heffron

"I discovered Callie's content in searching "Enneagram" while looking for a new podcast to listen to as I was frantically trying to discover my type"

"Ever since I discovered my type with Callie, I look back and cannot understand why I was ever conflicted in the first place. Callie has helped me to grow in my self-awareness and I am so grateful for her! I would absolutely recommend working with Callie to anyone who wants to learn more about the Enneagram and truly discover themselves with someone who genuinely cares and is incredibly relatable." 

Gina tonno

"As an introvert, I knew I wanted a community where I could feel safe to connect,

ask questions about my personal life, and build relationships with people who cared about faith and the enneagram! I desired guidance in what to read in the Bible and to get consistency in my life. 

I’ve already experienced SO many benefits by becoming and Insider! IT’S WORTH IT!”


Can I get a refund if I don't find my type?

We don't offer refunds for not finding your type. The point of the course is to point you in the right direction.

Is it guaranteed that I'll find my type?

The chances are high, but no. The Enneagram doesn't work like that where you can magically figure out your type.

It can take time to research and learn yourself in order to find your type. If you don't find your type, these courses will totally point you in the right direction!

how long do i have access to the course?

As long as you need! It's not going anywhere. 

Each course is there for you to go at your own pace.

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I'm callie.

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